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    Our Mission and Philosophy

    Since 1995 Avanti Effective Language Learning has been steadily growing as a language school and now offers a wide variety of services such as: personalized language instruction that can be offered individually or in groups, immersion programs, virtual lessons (e- learning), we also offer translation and interpretation services, and tourism services.

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  • Eric Medina (West Chicago Community High School) and his mother Martina


    English- Spanish for foreigners – French – German – Portuguese – Italian – Chinese Mandarin

    Avanti offers language programs from elementary to advanced levels as follows: personalized group, virtual, intensive and immersion programs. Should have prior knowledge in English, we will administer an international on line placement test to determine your language level.

    Our programs
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    Customized by Needs

    Our programs can be taken in a classroom setting or in the participant’s residence. Classes are designed according to the participants´ interests, needs, learning style at their convenience.

    Aditionally Avanti offers virtual lessons (e- learning) where students have unlimited access to our interactive platform for English classes, and will have the opportunity to practice the 4 skills following the communicative approach guidelines.

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    Great Activities

    The school offers tourist fieldtrips in and out of the city, whether as complementary program activities, or sightseeing for foreigners; we have a team of certified tour guides.

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Welcome to Avanti

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