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Structure and approach

All of our programs are structured according to the Common European framework of references for Languages guidelines.
this will allow the student to develop his/her program under international standards. Our courses are organized as follows: Basic Levels A1 and A2, Intermediate Levels B1 and B2, Advanced Level: C1 and Master Level: C2.

The programs aim to develop the four skills in language learning based on the communicative approach and the use of new technologies to offer a blended learning.

Learning objectives

We offer an array of services, which can be designed in coherence with the participants goals:

  • Develop basic communicative competence (for participants with no prior knowledge or basic level of the language).
  • Brush up (for those who have had prior difficulties learning languages at school, or at college etc.).
  • Master courses (for those with an intermediate or advanced level; for this objective we provide certified native speakers with a wide experience in language instruction).


Thanks to our program´s methodology and structure, lessons can begin at any time and last for as long as the participant considers necessary. You decide when and where to take your lessons.

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Welcome to Avanti Language School!

Since 1995 Avanti Effective Language Learning has been steadily growing as a language school and now offers a wide variety of services such as: personalized language instruction that can be offered individually or in groups, immersion programs, virtual lessons (e- learning), we also offer translation and interpretation services, and tourism services.

Our extensive experience makes Avanti the perfect choice for those interested in language learning.

We proudly offer services to:

  • Diplomatic missions
  • Governmental organizations
  • Local companies
  • Multinational companies
  • Individuals

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Why Choose Avanti?

We have a lot to offer; feel free to contact us for more information.


We offer our students many ways to make their learning process fun and easy.

A Multicultural Community

We have students from all around the world who provide cultural traditions and knowledge to the learning process.


We are located in the north of the city, close to museums, malls and restaurants.

Flexible Programs

Our programs are designed to fit your needs.


Effective learning from the beginning of the program will provide high quality results.

Follow up

We keep track of all our student´s learning process. We also provide support to our students to get certified in one of the international tests.

  • Testimonial
    Andrea Morales, English program, 2014

    The method used by Avanti really works, since the very beginning they teach you how to express yourself with confidence. Their Schedules and flexibility makes everything easier.  

  • Testimonial
    Hannah Welch, Spanish for Foreigners, 2012

    Since I moved to Bogotá, trying to find time to learn Spanish has been difficult, I needed somewhere that could provide security and support to me while learning Spanish, Avanti has become the only option to improve my skills in the language considering my difficult agenda.

  • Testimonial
    Juan Castro, Italian program, 2014

    Learning Italian at Avanti was a great decision , the experience with native teachers made it fun, and easy. Learning all about their culture, and making it easy to practice in everyday life.

  • Testimonial
    Richard Williams, Spanish for Foreigners, 2013

    Avanti designed the program according to my needs. They take into account your likes, hobbies and interests to discover your learning style and thus motivate you to go further.

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