Curricular structure and approach-Learning objectives

Structure and approach

All of our programs are structured according to the Common European framework of references for Languages guidelines.
this will allow the student to develop his/her program under international standards. Our courses are organized as follows: Basic Levels A1 and A2, Intermediate Levels B1 and B2, Advanced Level: C1 and Master Level: C2.

The programs aim to develop the four skills in language learning based on the communicative approach and the use of new technologies to offer a blended learning.

Learning objectives

We offer an array of services, which can be designed in coherence with the participants goals:

  • Develop basic communicative competence (for participants with no prior knowledge or basic level of the language).
  • Brush up (for those who have had prior difficulties learning languages at school, or at college etc.).
  • Master courses (for those with an intermediate or advanced level; for this objective we provide certified native speakers with a wide experience in language instruction).


Thanks to our program´s methodology and structure, lessons can begin at any time and last for as long as the participant considers necessary. You decide when and where to take your lessons.

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