Frequently Asked Questions

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Why study languages with Avanti?

Avanti offers the possibility of taking your language program according to your needs and interests; we take into account the reason why you want to learn the language and then we design a program for you.

Can I choose my Schedule?

Of course you can. We design our schedules around our clients´ needs.

Where can I take my classes?

You can take classes at our school where we offer comfortable classrooms, or you can take classes at the comfort of your own home or office.

How can I test my English level?

For our students who wish to test their English level they can take the Oxford Placement Test. This test is designed under international standards.

If I wish to enroll in a language program with Avanti

The first step is to take our placement test, after this, and according to the results obtained , we send the customer a detailed proposal. The client makes the decision on the type of program to take.

How can I pay for my language program?

You can pay for your language program in cash, credit or debit card

How is Avanti staff conformed?

Avanti has Colombian, Native and foreign teachers, all of them certified in language teaching. We suggest Colombian teachers for basic levels and native/foreign teachers for high intermediate and advanced levels.

What time can I take my classes?

You can take your classes from 6:00 am to 8:30 pm

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